Monday, January 10, 2022

A Rom-Com, who would have ever thought?

 I am a filmmaker that loves to work with horror, suspense, drama, and some comedy projects but never a Rom-Com. A few weeks ago, I came across someone looking for a concept and a treatment for, in short, a Rom-Com film. He either wanted to write the script himself or had someone he wanted to write it. So, I said, "What the hell." I wrote it for him the following day and sent him a message. Everything I wrote for him was in a professional format. I told him I wanted no financial compensation for it, but if he used it, I wanted a story credit or a producer credit on the film. I thought that was a fair trade and still do, but I never heard back from him, and he never received my work from me. 

I quickly learned something from the Rom-Com I have on ice. I proved that I can construct and layout that specific genre or type of film now. If anyone is looking for a structure (concept and treatment) for a Rom-Com film, please send them my way.

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