Monday, May 22, 2023

Movie review for Kill Kill

 Film by: Mark Wright. Review By Edgeton Wolfe Drezwellington.

This film is a bit underrated by most, but still worth the watch. An escaped experimental misfortune of war escapes a nearby Military Hospital to the nearest Gas Station on a secluded road. Visited for some gas for his Lead on Wheels car, Pastor Henning pays for his gas as he talks with Peggy the Cashier. She sees on TV of the escaped assassin which then realizes of his description. Unbeknownst to her demise, he is standing before her, ready to kill the next victim. Leaving, he quickly catches a ride with our friendly Pastor Henning out of town. But the Pastor has other plans for him. Who is this this escaped patient, really? Are they both really who they say they are? In classic B&W print, we follow the characters to the bitter end. I must warn you, not everything is always as it may seem. Your guess is as good as mine if the end is truly...The End?😮

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Episode review for Emily: The Chosen One (pilot episode)

 EMILY: The Chosen One. A film by Director: Mark Wright. Review By: Edgeton Wolfe Drezwellington.

Truly a gem worth watching and sharing. Extremely well done.

After dark unexplained dreams, Emily is confused. Not knowing what they mean. She learns from a devoted Priest she is gifted from her Mother who had already passed away and a new strange gift; the ability to control exorcisms. Having the same birthmark as her Mother, she is curious to find out what can be done. To the point of even creating a paper Ouija Board to ask for her Mother. Nothing happens. Though sometime later gaining new feelings and control, now alone in her room, she asks one more time. Join her. Will this ability help her develop her powers to control exorcisms? Or,..will it only rip apart her chances and send her straight to Hell? Ha ha ha ha! Watch this film, Share it ...but never alone.

EMILY: The Chosen One.😊🔥

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Movie review for Private Detective Nick Brown: Issue 23

This is a film review by Edgeton Wolfe Drezwellington. The Film: "Private Detective Nick Brown: Issue 23." 

In this short Mystery Thriller, we join a nerd that quickly changes to the incredible heroic amazing detective Nick Brown. Asked to solve his most recent case by the beautiful bombshell actress, Natelie West to find a missing film reel of hers that was recently stolen. Nick questions a nearby bartender for answers. Afterward, another man named Fuzzy pulls a gun on Nick wanting the rare film as well. After escaping, he finds Paul Valentine , the Ex Boyfriend of Miss West, in an old theater owned by Mr. Valentine; our mysterious "Bad Guy" of the story. Who will live? Who will die? Will anyone survive? Highly recommend to watch this short film, as you too will be wanting more and more. In my opinion, this film was very well directed and enjoyed it. Look forward to the next exciting conclusion Directed by: Mark Wright.😊

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I need an actor for a short film

 Hi guys! I have a short film I have written and  am wanting to direct it and produce it, but I am having a hard time casting it. The short ...